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The results of Junior Seau’s autopsy are in, and they do not bode well for the NFL.  Seau committed suicide last year with a gun shot wound to the chest.  Many think he shot himself in the chest so that scientists could study his brain.  The Seau family donated his brain to science to determine what was wrong, and it looks like Seau’s brain shows a long history of damage caused by hard hits.  That would be his football career.  This makes you think how many players are dealing with similar injuries and mental problems right now.  It’s a shocking discovery.

Elsewhere in the NFL, the Jacksonville Jaguars have fired head coach Mike Mularkey after just one season.  The Jaguars were the second worst team in the league this season, and appeared to have trouble at just about every position.  Their attendance is also very down.  There was a lot of talk about bringing Tim Tebow in to run the team and boost attendance.  After all, Tebow won’t be a Jet next season and this would be the best fit for him.  But bringing in Tebow is basically saying “We don’t care about winning, just about people showing up”, and that’s not a good message from an NFL franchise.  So after firing Mularkey, the Jaguars president said that they have no interest in bringing Tebow in.

And finally, now that Oregon coach Chip Kelly has publicly said that he’s staying at Oregon, the new hot name on the NFL coaching hunt is Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly.  Kelly was brought to Notre Dame 2 years ago, and in just his 3rd season, he has led Notre Dame to an undefeated season and an appearance in the national championship.  Sure, they got clobbered, but it will certainly help their recruiting to be very competitive for years to come.  But, the Philadelphia Eagles are also very interested in Brian Kelly, and this has Fighting Irish fans in a tizzy.  They don’t want him to leave now that the Irish are back on top again.  We should have some kind of answer in the next few weeks.

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