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Wednesday saw a VERY weird story out of college football.  A article went viral about the “heartbreaking” story of Notre Dame Heisman finalist Manti Te’o.  The story said that Manti Te’o had a longtime girlfriend whom he loved, but sadly got into a car accident during his college career.  Then, this girlfriend, named Lennay Kukua also came down with Leukemia.  Manti maintained a relationship with her online, and it was reported that he would talk to her in her hospital bed — the doctors saying that everytime Manti called, she got a little better.  Manti said that his relationship with Lennay fuelded him to get to and play hard in the National Championship.  According to reports, Lennay died within hours of his Grandmother passing.

But, in a sick turn of events, it turns out that there is no evidence of this Lennay Kukua ever existing. It’s rumored that this was a hoax, and done either as a sick joke or a cry for help from Manti.  This has left Te’o completely stunned, making him say that he felt like a victim.  Te’o said he believed in this online relationship, and he’s saddened to hear that all the emotions and feelings he spent were a complete waste. There will clearly be more coming out about this story in the next day or two…stay tuned.

Elsewhere, even though Oregon head coach Chip Kelly said earlier this month that he would remain at Oregon despite interest from NFL teams, he appears to have changed his tune.  Out of the blue, Kelly accepted the job to be the new head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.  The Eagles needed a big name to justify the firing of former head coach Andy Reid.  They couldn’t bring in just anybody.  So hiring one of the most exciting and innovative coaches in college football was just what they needed to get their fan base excited.  That means that Philly may have a creative, Oregon style offense next season.  Now that will be fun to watch.

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