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In college basketball, Duke was enjoying its new #1 seed, and looked to easily take down #25 Miami.  Duke usually has its way with the up-and-coming teams of the ACC.  But the Dukies would have to go to Miami to play this game and the Hurricanes were ready.  Duke wasn’t even able to keep the game close, as the Hurricanes absolutely beat the Blue Devils to a pulp.  They crushed Duke by 27 points.  So when filling out your brackets come March — if you see Duke sitting on a #1 seed, remember this thrashing they took.  Miami 90, Duke 63.


In the NFL, the Jets are holding arguably the best cornerback in the game in Darrelle Revis.  Revis is a shut down corner that was supposed to help the Jets get to the Super Bowl by matching up with the opposing team’s best receiver.  Given that Revis becomes a free agent after next year, and the Jets looking more and more like they’re in rebuilding mode, there are reports that the Jets might try to trade Revis this off-season.  They could trade Revis to an actual contender and get back some valuable draft picks they could use to reignite this franchise.  And it’s likely that one of those picks will go towards a new quarterback.  There is no report yet whether or not Revis wants to stay in New York but this is a blow to Jets’ fans.

And finally out of the NFL, with 49ers quarterback Collin Kaepernick now headed to the Super Bowl, he is looking to cash in on all the hype around him — namely “Kaepernicking”. This is an online trend starting mimicking Kaepernicks move of flexing and kissing his muscles.  Now he wants to actually trademark the term “Kaepernicking” and generate money on it from T-shirts and any other place that companies want to use that slogan.  Surely, the monetary value of this phrase will go up tremendously if he wins a Super Bowl.  There’s even a good chance he could get MVP.

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