In Thursday Night Football, it was the Miami Dolphins heading to Buffalo to play the Bills.  Both teams desperately needed this game, but more so the Bills, as a loss would almost surely signal the end of their season.  The Bills defense has improved since they got back their high priced free agent Mario Williams.  And that’s the defense they would need and use to completely shut down Dolphins rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill.  They held him to just 141 yards and even caused him to toss 2 interceptions.  Meanwhile, the Bills offense wasn’t exactly impressive (they failed to convert one offensive touchdown), but they did just enough to hang on a take the game.  Their season remains alive.  Buffalo 19, Miami 14.


The New York Knicks are the last undefeated team in the league, and they were looking to go 6-0 against the Spurs on the road.  Winning against a Spurs team that’s gunning to take you down is no easy task.  But, the Knicks are seriously gelling this year.  They’ve got a nice rhythm, and the team is clearly led by Carmelo Anthony, without all the talk of Jeremy Lin surrounding him.  Their roles players are playing great, including the newly add J.R. Smith who openly admitted he was kinda checked out last year because the New York night life was just too appealing to him.  The Spurs did everything they could to cause the Knicks first loss, but Raymond Felton (25 points, 7 assists) and the Knicks were just too much for the Spurs to handle.  The Knicks remain undefeated at 6-0. That’s very hard in the modern era NBA.  NY Knicks 104, San Antonio 100.


The big daddy of them all, the MVP awards, finally came in.  Buster Posey of the San Francisco Giants took the National League.  That was no surprise.  The big drama was in the American League between the Detroit Tigers Miguel Cabrera, who had a phenomenal season, and the Los Angeles Angels’ young superstar Mike Trout.  The Angels even won more games than the Tigers, they just happened to be in a tougher division.  But, in the end, the voting wasn’t even close, as Cabrera got the award by a landslide.  However, there is a lot of controversy over this While Cabrera’s stats were better, Mike Trout may have been actually been more valuable to his team.  He helped them win a lot of games, while Cabrera actually lost quite a few for the Tigers.  That’s what baseball is about:  arguments over who’s the best.

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