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In the NFL, it was Thursday Night Football between the Indianapolis Colts and the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Recently, many members of the Colts shaved their head in support of their cancer-stricken head coach Chuck Pagano.  Among the newly shaved, star rookie QB Andrew Luck.  And Luck would be in prime form last night truly showing what he can do in front of a national audience.  Luck had two of his own rushing touchdowns as well as 227 passing yards.  This offense seriously works under this guy.  Meanwhile, the Jaguars look just as confused as ever.  They miss Maurice Jones-Drew at running back, but there is hope that they might get him back next week.  This season is pretty much done for them, but they can still use it as practice.  They’re headed for the top of the draft.  Indianapolis 27, Jacksonville 10.


In the NBA, the Oklahoma City Thunder were looking to get back on track against the Chicago Bulls.  Both these teams have gotten out to a slow start this year, especially since both teams are without their premium players — the Thunder traded James Harden away, and the Bulls are without Derrick Rose for at least another few months.  The Bulls gave it their all against the Thunder, getting most of their output from Luol Deng.  He had 27 points on the night, but the Thunder were able to pull away at the end of the 4th quarter thanks to a monster 21 point, 9 rebound night from Serge Ibaka.  The Thunder clearly miss Harden, but they are starting to pull it together, and are getting some nice output from Harden’s replacement Kevin Martin.  Oklahoma 97, Chicago 91.

Finally, with the Lakers off to a 1-4 start, many think that Kobe Bis deeply upset with head coach Mike Brown.  The team is clearly not jelling as a unit right now, and that’s squarely the fault of the coach.  There is a viral video on the internet now called “Kobe Bryant Death Stare”, in which Kobe, well, essentially shoots Mike Brown the look of death during a time out.  Go ahead and watch.  It’s funny.  But, when interviewed about it, Kobe laughed off those rumors that he was furious with Mike Brown.  He said of course he’s upset, of course the team is upset when they lose, but Kobe doesn’t hate Mike Brown.  In fact, Kobe has been one of Brown’s biggest supporters since he came to LA.  Kobe isn’t overreacting about the Lakers bad start, but the Lakers are definitely a target for every team in the league right now.  Teams take it to another level when playing them.

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