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In college football, it’s been a difficult year for former LSU superstar Tyrann Mathieu (known to most as The Honey Badger).  Mathieu was all the rage in college football in 2011, named the Honey Badger because of his fierce aggression and dyed yellow hair.  But, in the off season, he was kicked out of school due to drug charges.  It was unclear if he’d ever be back, so he had to try and pursue opportunities at Division 2 and Division 3 schools.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to find a future and there was talk of him rejoining the Tigers.  Well, that didn’t work out — so the only place left for Mathieu to go was the NFL draft.  Yep, he’ll be in the pool come next April.  Some team will inevitably take a chance on Mathieu because of his immense talent, but, as he told the media, he certainly has character issues he needs to work on.  Good luck to Mathieu.


As I mentioned yesterday, the fight between the Brooklyn Nets’ Kris Humphries and Celtics’ Rajon Rondo resulted in ejections from the game. More upsetting for Rajon, though, was his 37 game streak of 10 assists or more in a game (and on his way to breaking Magic Johnson’s record) came to end. And, to make matters worse,  it looks like Celtics GM Danny Ainge has decided to suspend Rondo for 2 games as punishment.  This Celtics team looks discombobulated this season.  They’ve got a lot of new, younger players who could make an impact, but there just doesn’t appear to be that zest on the court.  They can win games against the likes of the Wizards, but they will be in serious trouble when they have to take on a team like the Heat in the playoffs.  When a team gets in fights, it usually means that they are undisciplined and frustrated, and the Celtics better get under control fast.


And finally, some strange news out of Texas.  Right now, everybody is in love with Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel (or likely better known by his nickname “Johnny Football”).  A student in Kerville, Texas had a barber shave an actual drawing of Johnny Manziel into his head.  It’s a funky looking haircut, but still pretty cool.  The student’s school sent him home for the haircut, saying it didn’t meet the standards of their dress code.  The student found this shocking (as did his mother), but in a show of faith towards Johnny Manziel, the student said he wouldn’t cut it for a few days.  Click here for the picture.

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