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In college basketball, it was a much anticipated match-up between #1 Indiana and #14 North Carolina.  This was the first real test for the top ranked Hoosiers, led by big man Cody Zeller.  Would they live up to the hype, as this was the first time in more than 20 years that the prestigious Hoosiers program was ranked #1.  UNC came into Indiana, and got an absolute drubbing.  Cody Zeller, arguably the best college basketball player in the country, had 20 points and 8 rebounds.  Indiana definitely made their mark, and showed the country on National TV that they are certainly capable of winning a National Championship.  Indiana 83, UNC 59.


And in college football, while they didn’t make huge headlines this season, the Penn State Nittany Lions quietly put together a very successful season.  Remember, this team faced extremely strict sanctions from the NCAA, which included the elimination of scholarships — which means their recruiting class will be damaged for at least the next 5 years.  Of course, this led to many of their players to jump ship to play for other schools, believing that there was only a losing future at Penn State.  But Coach Bill O’Brien led them to a spectacular 8-4 record given his situation.  He would be a very appealing head coaching candidate elsewhere, but according to sources from the O’Brien camp, he has every intention of sticking with Penn State.

And, speaking of coaching changes in college football, it looks like some of the two biggest coaching names in the sport may wind up somewhere else.  First, the University of Arkansas prides themselves on being competitive every year.  This year they had high expectations coming in, even though they had to fire their head coach Bobby Patrino before the season.  Under new head coach John Smith, they were terrible, a complete embarrassment in the SEC.  They fired Smith, and now it’s reported that they might put out an offer to LSU coach Les Miles for $27 million over 5 years.  In addition, there are now rumors swirling that the Texas Longhorns may offer Alabama coach Nick Saban an unprecedented offer.  If they got Saban, he would bring his recruiting team, and if the Longhorns can lock up all the best recruits in Texas, it would be tough for other teams to compete.  This could get very interesting.

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