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In the NFL, a very rare and interesting situation will occur on Sunday between the Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants.  Typically, every NFL team has their standard hotel they stay at when visiting each respective city.  However, on account of the massive damage from Hurricane Sandy, the standard hotel the Steelers typically inhabit is without power.  And because of travel schedules scrambled around the east coast, and hotels in a tizzy, the Steelers simply can’t find another place to stay.  Because of this, they will have to fly into New York just hours before the game.  We’ve all traveled before — it’s exhausting, so to get up early, board a plane, and then be on the field just a few hours afterwards taking on a physical team like the Giants might be a bit difficult.  Teams need a full night’s rest and proper meals before they play, and this seems like it puts the Steelers at a distinct disadvantage.

And in college football, the Alabama Crimson Tide are preparing for that annual hard-fought battle against LSU this weekend.  With that said, South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier said that the way that Alabama is playing this season, they could probably knock off some of the lowly teams playing in the NFL.  He’s likely referring to the skill of the Jacksonville Jaguars or Kansas City Chiefs (currently the worst teams in the league).  But, experts have now jumped into the debate saying that there is absolutely no way that a college team could beat a pro team.  After all, Alabama probably has a few potential pros on its roster, whereas the Jaguars have 53 of them.  The sheer size and speed difference in the NFL would punish a college team.  Vegas even got in on the action putting the Jaguars as a 24 point favorite against Alabama.  And it’s likely the score would be more of a 40 point romp.  They were probably just being liberal.  Either way, before they can beat the Jaguars, the Tide needs to focus on beating the LSU Tigers.


Finally, in the NBA, Michael Jordan has come out and publicly said that he is with the Charlotte Bobcats for the long haul.  Jordan used to sit close to the Bobcats bench, but he got so upset with their awful play last season, that he needed to move to the luxury box to hide his anger towards the team.  Jordan said he despised their measly 7-win season last year, but feels the future is bright.  Jordan said the problem is that they don’t have a player that can carry the team, but that just means that the team has to work together more, focusing on their individual strengths.  And Jordan thinks that their new coach, Mike Dunlap, is just the coach to rally them together and show them the basic fundamentals and philosophies they need to succeed in the league.  Last week, some of the Bobcat players were upset with the new coach’s techniques, but Jordan took them aside and said if they don’t do what Dunlap says, then they won’t be on the team very long.  It should be a very interesting year for the Cats.

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