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Betsy on the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda talking Football


In baseball, an always  fun Twitter incident.  In an important game between the Milwaukee Brewers and the St. Louis Cardinals, the Brewers Nyjer Morgan threw a bit of a fit over a call he disagreed with.  He even threw part of his chewing tobacco at Cardinals pitcher Chris Carpenter.  The Cardinals didn’t take kindly to that gesture, and the Cards’ superstar Albert Pujols came running over from first place to get in Morgan’s face.  After the game, he said he did this to protect Carpenter.  Morgan later tweeted a derisive comment about Pujols, even calling him “Alberta”:  “Alberta couldn’t see Plush if she had her gloves on!!! Wat was she thinking running afta Plush!!! She never been n tha ring!!!”.  Here’s the thing — the Brewers are having a great season, and Morgan has been solid for them this season.  They need to issue an apology to Pujols and the Cardinals fan base, so that they don’t have an ugly incident like this clouding their mojo.


It’s the end of a marvelous streak.  After starting every single game for the Indianapolis Colts since 1998 — that’s 227 consecutive starts, Peyton Manning will not be under center on Week 1.  He’s dealing with a very serious neck injury of which he underwent surgery this off-season.  That’s not a knee or an ankle injury, it’s a vital concern.  If he were to get blindsided in the wrong position, he could have his neck snapped.  It’s simply not safe to be out there.  This is a first for the Colts who are accustomed to Manning calling all the plays and orchestrating the offense out there.  Now the responsibility will rest on seasoned veteran Kerry Collins.  And remember, Collins just got there — he hasn’t had much time to adapt to the playbook. Hopefully Manning can get healthy soon and get back out there.  The Colts need him.

And finally, after all the NFL lockout news, and draft coverage, and concerns that there wouldn’t be a season, and lightning fast free agent signings… pro football is finally back.  Tonight marks the first game of the season, and boy will it be a show.  We will have the past 2 Super Bowl champions squaring off.  The New Orleans Saints, now fully healthy and ready to resume to full form, will take on The Green Bay Packers, fully loaded and primed to repeat their victory.  Each team has an interesting new addition to unveil.  For the Saints — former Alabama Heisman running-back Mark Ingram.  He’s their new toy if you will.  For the Packers, their tight end JerMichael Finley.  Finley got injured in Week 5 last season after lighting up the score board.  This year, he’s primed for a magnificent season, and we’ll get a peak at that tonight on NBC.  It’s back, it’s back, IT’S BACK, and it’s going to be a phenomenal fall season.

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