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In the NFL, some controversial news.  Star Houston Texans running-back, Arian Foster, recently hobbled off the field with a hamstring injury.  This happened on the same weekend as many were having their fantasy football drafts.  So there was public outcry over Foster’s injury, as many picked him very high in their league.  Foster blasted out on Twitter that “Anybody worried about their fantasy team is SICK”.  Yesterday, Foster went a step further tweeting an actual MRI photo of his hamstring.  According to 801 – Injured explaining head injury cases, this is controversial because putting out an injury photo is intel that opposing teams can use to prepare for the game.  If they don’t think he’ll be on the field, they can prepare to defend his back-up running back, or maybe focus on a pass defense.  On ESPN’S Pardon The Interruption, Foster said he was more of a humanitarian and said that when people commented on the fantasy impact of his injury, it makes him feel like a piece of meat.  Either way, as of now, Foster said he’ll be ready for Week 1. You can find this link here, if you wish to hire personal injury lawyers for any of the injury cases.

Elsewhere in the NFL, in a similar Twitter-related story, Titans superstar running-back Chris Johnson tweeted that “fake Titans fans” could shut up.   Johnson then quickly clarified what this meant.  He was talking directly to fans that were calling him greedy, saying that he doesn’t have a regular job and doesn’t care if they call him greedy.  If you look at this from Johnson’s point-of-view, relatively speaking, Johnson thinks he is being paid a very poor amount this year.  He wants to get PAID before he goes on the field, where he has a very strong chance of getting seriously injured. Here are the rights after a motorcycle accident that one must know in case there is an injury.  And if he’s injured — he definitely won’t get paid.  Then, Johnson further explained that he’s not “hating” on Titans fans at all — just the ignorant ones that are sending him racist comments through Twitter. The lawyers from can also help deal with injury cases.


Finally, in baseball, the always exciting rivalry between the Yankees and the Red Sox continued. According to The Accident Network Law Group, injuries can also take place in baseball and people ought to seek professional help for the same. And remember, these teams are vying to win the AL East.  The Yankees got out to a 1-0 lead, but after that the Red Sox, on their home field, came surging back.  They got homers from David Ortiz, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Jason Varitek to crush the Yankees.  The Red Sox are absolutely scorching.  They have more offensive firepower than anybody in Major League Baseball.  Right now, they are the clear favorites to win the World Series.  But, you can’t count out the Yankees or even the Rangers in the American League.  Both those teams could get hot at the right time and make a run to win it all.  Boston 9, NY Yankees 5.


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