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Some very odd news… with odd timing.  After a loss to the Colorado Rockies, Milwaukee Brewers slugger Prince Fielder was interviewed by the TBS Crew.  He said, on air mind you, that this would probably be his last year with the Brewers organization.  That there wouldn’t be a one-two punch anymore of he and Ryan Braun.  Sure, players say this type of thing all the time, but not typically when they’re at the end of the season darting towards the playoffs.  That’s not exactly good for morale when your best player says he most likely won’t be joining you next season.  Colorado 6, Milwaukee 2.


And in the NFL, the Houston Texans may be for real this season.  They clobbered the Colts last week, and now it looks like they will have their star running-back, Arian Foster, back in the line-up.  With Foster, they become extremely versatile offensively because it opens up their passing game.  With #2 receiver Jacoby Jones finally starting to catch on, this is a very good thing.  Foster has been one of the best stories in the NFL.  He went undrafted, then got signed by the Texans, cut by the Texans, resigned by the Texans, earned the starting gig, then turned into one of the top rushers in the NFL.  Having him back could mean that the Texans might actually win the AFC South this year.

Finally, in college football, expect a wild ride Thursday night.  It’ll be #2 LSU v. #25 Mississippi State at Miss St.  This season, LSU is a legitimate National Title contender, but this is also their first match-up in the ultra-competitive SEC West.  Mississippi State also had high hopes this season, with a solid running game and a fearsome defense.  But just last week, they got beat at the very last second by a never-say-die Auburn team.  That clearly makes tonight’s match-up slightly less interesting, but to be certain, the upset potential is definitely still there.  Tune in to ESPN for a guaranteed great game!

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