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In the NFL, it looks like the Chris Johnson drama may finally be over.  Thursday, the Tennessee Titans inked Johnson to a 4-year extension worth $53 million, with $30 million guaranteed.  That should be enough to keep Johnson happy, and keep him motivated on the field.  Of course, $23 million of that contract is made up of incentives that should make Johnson run as hard as possible.  Now that Johnson is signed, the Titans can hopefully get the offense in gear for the season.  Right now they’re headed into Week 1 with former Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck at the helm, and former Univ. of Washington quarterback Jake Locker right behind him.  In fact, Locker may see action sooner than later given Hasselbeck’s health problems.

And Thursday night, the college football season officially kicked off, albeit with only 2 ranked teams in action:  #11 Wisconsin and #20 Mississippi State.  And both these teams were in rare form.  Wisconsin put up 37 points in the first half, although their defense (regardless of only letting up 3 points) didn’t look pristine.  As for the Bulldogs of Mississippi State, they looked fantastic, running exciting offensive plays.  The SEC better be very wary of Mississippi State this season — they think they have a legitimate chance to win that conference.  The best part about college football is that every single game matters.  Lose once, and you’re pretty much done for the year.  It’s all exhibition from that point on.  So get ready for a big Saturday of intense action.  Wisconsin 51, UNLV 17.  Mississippi State 59, Memphis 14.

And finally, in the NFL, it’s official the Carolina Panthers will be starting the season with the #1 overall draft pick, Cam Newton, under center.  Newton has looked average in the pre-season, but also has shown flashes of athletic brilliance.  He’s a mobile quarterback with a cannon arm.  Sure, Newton is a project, to be sure, but having him as their captain should bring some excitement to the entire organization and their fan base.  The Panthers most likely won’t make the playoffs (in fact they will be lucky to win 4 games), but they could definitely play spoiler in some key games.  For example, the Saints, Falcons, and Bucs (the superb teams in the NFC South) shouldn’t take the Panthers for granted.


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