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In college football, Thursday was a much anticipated battle between #3 LSU and #25 Mississippi State.  LSU is a projected National Title Contender, but Mississippi State is exactly the type of team that could burst their bubble.  The game started out neck and neck, with both teams hoisting serious defensive units.  Neither offense could get in a rhythm in the first half.  But, in the second half, LSU really tightened Miss State’s air supply.  They locked down on defense, and would barely let them get a first down, yet alone a touchdown.  Mississippi State’s starting quarterback Chris Relf was playing so bad in the second half, that they brought in their back-up.  Unfortunately for the Bulldogs, he didn’t fare much better, and the LSU Tigers were able to steal the road victory.  LSU’s schedule doesn’t get any easier from this point, however.  LSU 19, Miss St. 6.

And in the NFL, after the Denver Broncos disappointing loss on Monday night, people in Denver are begging for a change.  During the game, they were chanting “Tebow, Tebow, Tebow” during the 3rd quarter when Kyle Orton was playing poorly.  Not exactly a way to instill confidence in your team.  A group of Tebow supporters even said they would put in $10,000 for two billboards that say, in essence, ‘Make Tim Tebow The Starting Quarterback’.  Tim Tebow said he appreciates all this fan support, but that he trusts his coaching staff to make all the correct and necessary decisions.  He said he will be patient and wait his turn.   Tebow may not have impressed in the pre-season, but everyone must remember that he won them a real game last year towards the end of the season.  He has a relentless winning spirit that could give the Broncos the extra edge they need if they’re down late.

Finally, more news from the NFL.  Chicago Bears superstar linebacker Brian Urlacher unfortunately lost his mother on Monday and needed to leave the team for a while to be with his family.  Yesterday, he returned to his team and they were thrilled to have him back.  Urlacher isn’t just their best player, he’s also the heart of their powerful defense.  Many focus only on the leadership of the quarterback in football, when the Middle Linebacker is practically the quarterback on defense.  He’s the one who makes sure that everybody is where they need to be, and also the voice that can tell someone at the last minute to move up or backs a few steps.  Having him back in the line-up is crucial for this team, and most of his teammates think that his upcoming game against the Saints this Sunday could be one of the best of his career.  After all… he’s playing for his mother.

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