In college basketball, the Kentucky Wildcats have decided to extend John Calipari’s contract.  And of course he will get more money.  This is notable because many speculated that Calipari was getting ready to head to the NBA, but Kentucky is extremely pleased with what he has done with the program.  Kentucky is the most storied programs in college basketball, and even in the 90s they were racking up championships and #1 seeds  in the tourney.  They dipped for most of this past decade, but with Calipari at the helm, they began getting superstar recruits again. And the proof is in the pudding.  Calipari got John Wall (#1 overall), DeMarcus Cousins (#4 overall), and just this past season his star Brandon Knight went #8 overall to the Pistons, while a guy who didn’t even play, Enes Kanter from Turkey, went #3 overall.  Sure, no university is happy when their star players depart to the pros, but, make no mistake about it, it’s all about money, and Kentucky makes a ton of money on college basketball.


In golf, things just keep getting better for the best female golfer in the world.  Yesterday, 22-year old Yani Tseng won her 4th major, nabbing the LPGA Championship.  This makes her the youngest female golfer to win 4 major tournaments.  And don’t think she just barely won, she clobbered the field, winning by 10 strokes.  Having a dominate player in any individual sport is a great thing.  It heightens awareness to the sport to see if that person can continue destroying the competition.  Tiger Woods is easily the best thing to ever happen to golf.  During his supreme reign, golf ratings were through the roof just to see if Tiger would keep winning.  With Yani Tseng, we seem to have that same type of superstar athleticism.  She could really drive some major awareness to women’s golf, which would be fantastic.


It was a happy day for Yankees fan.  The Yankees have something called Old-Timers day, where they invite back former players and coaches who proudly wore the pin stripe uniform.  Sundy, they saw a familiar face that hadn’t donned the Yankees gear in a few years.  That’s right — Joe Torre was back in Yankee blue.  He sat down to answer questions for the media and said he was happy to be party of the Yankees again (if only for just a little bit).  They had this same event a few years ago, but Torre was managing the Dodgers at the time and couldn’t put on the uniform.  Torre said there is no animosity between him and the Yankees brass, and that he’s happy doing his job as Vice President of Baseball Operations for the league.  Torre’s long time relationship with the Yankees ended after he lost a playoff series to the Cleveland Indians in 2007.  Now he’s always welcome in their house.

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