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Tuesday night was the night that Lebron James and Dirk Nowitzki have been waiting for all season. They both are two of only seven MVP winners that don’t have an NBA title and this series will only allow one of them to get off that list. And right now, it looks like Lebron will be that guy. With Miami’s bench outscoring Dallas’ 27 – 17, the Heat just played better than Dallas down the stretch. Miami has arguably the best player in the NBA in Lebron, who had 24 points, going 4 – 5 from three-point range, and the best closer in the NBA in Dwayne Wade, who took over the 4th quarter.  But even Wade’s double-double (22 points and 10 rebounds) and tremendous defense during the fourth quarter leading to the Heat’s 1 – 0 series lead, isn’t the story of the night. The story of the night is Nowitzki’s health. The Mavericks’ star player, who had 27 points on the night, in a press conference after the game announced that after he stripped the ball from Chris Bosh in the 4th quarter, he tore a tendon in his middle finger on his left hand. X-rays came back negative, but the injury will force Dirk to wear a splint for the rest of the series. And with Dirk injured, if his shot is altered even slightly, the Mavericks don’t seem to stand a chance. (Heat , 92, Mavs 84)


In college football, the Ohio State football scandal is becoming even more unraveled than before. But now the focus has moved on from Jim Tressel to Terrell Pryor. The star quarterback, who is already, suspended the first five games of the season, looks as though he has taken his last snap for the Buckeyes. Ohio State is going to distance itself as far away as possible from the situation.


Wednesday night, the Vancouver Canucks go against the Boston Bruins in the Stanly Cup. And as big as the Stanley Cup is to hockey, it seems as though another NHL organization has stolen some of the spotlight away from these two teams, the Atlanta Thrashers. The Thrashers will not be calling Georgia their home state or the the U.S. their home country. True North Sports and Entertainment completed a deal to purchase the Atlanta Thrashers and move them to Winnipeg. The move is great for hockey because they take a struggling team in an ok hockey town, and move them to a potential first class hockey town and give them a fresh start. The deal is worth $170 million.

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