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On Wednesday night, Robert Luongo and Tim Thomas made a combined 69 saves, in the first game of the Stanley Cup Finals. The goaltending was off the charts, but Vancouver Canucks left wing, Raffi Torres, beat the Bruins goalie Tim Thomas with less than 20 seconds in the final period of regulation, for the only goal of the game. Going into game two, there is a possibility that Canucks forward Alex Burrows will be suspended because it appeared that he bit the gloved finger of Boston’s Patrice Bergeron. (Canucks 1, Bruins 0)


Wednesday was the end of a great career in the NBA, Shaquille O’Neal. He may very well be the last great big man in the NBA. The dominating force that Shaq was finished with an MVP trophy, four NBA Titles, 28,596 points, and multiple NBA Finals MVP trophies. But as great of a player as he was, he will also be remembered  for his big contagious personality. The man with a million nicknames was looked at as playful with the media, a man with a good sense of humor, a rapper, an actor, and all around good person. He finished his career as the  highest paid basketball player of all-time in combined salary. The nineteen years that Shaq played in the NBA came to an end with a tweet on Twitter. The man, who may have been the first athlete/celebrity to embrace social media, used it to announce his retirement.

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