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In the NBA, Game 4 of the Finals between the Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks.  Miami led the series 2-1, and the Mavs needed a win if they wanted to have any chance of extending this series, for falling behind 3-1 would pretty much do them in.  They needed a big game from Dirk Nowitzki, except he had the flu and a 101-degree temperature.  Not exactly the best physical condition for your marquee player in a do-or-die game in the championship.  The game started out neck and neck, then saw the Heat pull away behind an outstanding night from Dwayne Wade.  He finished with 32 points.  The Heat got out to a 9 point lead late, but, as we’ve seen, the Mavs do NOT go away.  They rallied back and even took the lead.

Then, with just under a minute left, the Mavs led 82 to 80 and had a chance to pretty much ice the game.  DeShawn Stevenson took a 3 but missed, Lebron rebounded and hit a wide open Dwayne Wade on the other end.  But, just before he dunked it, Jason Kidd came flying to foul him and make him earn those points.  Wade is typically a guarantee from the line, but he missed a clutch free throw to remain trailing by 1.  The Mavs got the ball into Dirk’s hand, needing a key bucket to put them up by 3 points.  The Heat were expecting him to hold the ball until the end of the shot clock, but Dirk tricked them.  He held it for just a few seconds before darting to the hoop and hitting a tough off-balance layup.  Wow!  That gave them a 3 point lead.  Wade got a quick dunk on the other end to bring it within one, but Jason Terry iced two free throws to give them the 3 point lead again.  The ball was inbounded to Wade to try and hit the mandatory 3-pointer, but he essentially fumbled the ball and messed up the play.  He was able to save it to Mike Miller, but he had too many defenders and threw up an air ball.  And with that, the Mavs have tied the series at 2-2.  Game 5 is of paramount importance for the Mavs.  Dallas 86, Miami 83.

And elsewhere in the NBA, the Detroit Pistons are in major need of a makeover.  This season, the players basically quit on their coach which led to his dismissal.  Now, they’re looking for some key free agents, but also a new face of the team.  And where better to look then to bring in their best player in franchise history:  Isiah Thomas.  Now, they haven’t said they’re hiring him, but they are interested.  The Knicks have said they wouldn’t be hiring Thomas back as president or GM (pretty much because he was horrible), and who knows how much longer Isiah plans to coach in college basketball (he’s at FIU in Florida).  It’s also been reported that the Pistons may want Bill Laimbeer as head coach.  That was Isiah’s teammate in the late 80s, who built a reputation for being the dirtiest player in the NBA.  They just want a guy who would get their fan base talking.  It’s important.

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