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In the NBA, the draft is upon us this Thursday, which gives us a number of storylines leading up to the big day.

First off, the Cleveland Cavaliers still don’t know what to do with the #1 Pick.  Up to this point, it was widely assumed that they would pick Duke star point-guard Kyrie Irving.  But remember, Irving only played 8 regular season healthy games last season.  He’s a risky pick.  Now they’re talking about possibly selecting Arizona power forward Derrick Williams with the #1 pick.  Ideally, they would like both, BUT that would require them to trade their #4 pick and move up to the #2 spot.  But if they remain in the #4 spot, many think they would opt to go big and take Enes Kanter from Turkey.  There is still a ton of drama leading up to the big day, and we’ll keep you posted on any big pre-draft trades.  Remember, last year, there were TONS of trades during the draft.  It was hard to keep track.

And, 2 years after the fact, Spanish star Ricky Rubio is coming to the U.S.  At only 16 years old, Rubio was the star of the 2008 Summer Olympics.  The Minnesota Timberwolves selected him with their early top pick in the 2009 NBA Draft, but Rubio opted to stay and play in Spain for at least 2 years.  Many thought that Rubio wouldn’t play for a small market team like Minnesota, and that he would demand a trade to the likes of a New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles.  Now he’s coming to Minnesota and will hopefully be wearing a T-Wolves jersey at the start of the season.  However, regardless of all the hype surrounding Rubio, it must be noted that his stats in the Euro League were, um, not so good.  He’s known for his amazing passing skills, but… he’s only averaging 5 points per game.  Even so, it’s hard to deny that he was marvelous against the best of the best American players in the Olympics.


Finally, in baseball, very bad news for Cardinals fans.  Unfortunately, it looks like the first place Cardinals will be without Albert Pujols for 6 weeks.  This is a major blow, because it’s very tough to replace, arguably, the best player in baseball.  However, the Cards are famous for playing through ANYTHING.  They lost Matt Halladay earlier this year to an injury, and they played on.  They know how to get through things, and since they’re in first place, they still have something to play for.  For Pujols, he asked for a gigantic contract at the beginning of the season, but the organization was reticent to give him that much money for 10 years.  And now, the onus is on Pujols to show the team that he can bounce back from an injury, get back out there, and continue slugging balls.  Hopefully St. Louis can hold on until he returns.

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