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It was opening night in the NBA, and who better to open up the season than the biggest story of the off-season:  The Miami Heat.  Finally, we got to see what it would be like when three superstars (LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh) united on one NBA team.  This team was expected to be a powerhouse.  How can you stop 2 of the best 3 players in the NBA, when they’re on the same team?  We were finally going to find out.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t pretty.  And the team that left us in awe was actually the Boston Celtics.  They look tight, determined, energized, and reloaded with Shaq in the paint.  When Shaq doesn’t have to carry the load, and really can just cause havoc for 10 minutes a game — THAT’S when he’s at his best.  The Heat, on the other hand, weren’t jelling whatsoever.  There were no crazy alley-oops that everyone had been dreaming of, just a lot of bad shooting and miscommunication.  Eventually, LeBron James took over and got the Heat within 5 points, but it simply wasn’t enough.  The Celtics rolled, and the Heat have a lot of practicing to do if they expect to win 3 straight titles (what they’ve alluded to all off-season).  Boston 88, Miami 80.

And in the second game of the night, Kobe Bryant was back in action against a rejuvenated Houston Rockets team.  The Rockets played last season without their star center Yao Ming.  With him back, plus the addition of a Kevin Martin, Brad Miller, and Courtney Lee, this team looks poised to finally do some damage in the West.  They got off to a hot start, behind a big scoring evening from point-guard Aaron Brooks and Kevin Martin.  But, in the end, the Lakeshow came back to life behind, guess who, Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol.  They had 27 and 29 points respectively, as the Lakers barely edged a Staples Center victory against the Rockets.  LA Lakers 112, Houston 110.


And in a special Tuesday Night college football game, the super-power Boise State took on Louisiana Tech.  Boise needs to crush all of its opponents if they even want to be in the National Championship discussion.  Louisiana Tech would give them a bit of a headache.  Not a serious one whatsoever, but they did put up 20 points on the Broncos.  Boise did some of their classic trickery plays, one that saw their wide-receiver throw a touchdown pass to their quarterback, Kellen Moore, but that’s just what Boise State does when they KNOW they’re not going to lose.  These guys need to start playing a harder schedule, and then they might be taken more seriously.  Then again, Boise State has said they would be happy to play anybody — people are just afraid to lose.  Boise State 49, Louisiana Tech 20.

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