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In the NFL, it was a much anticipated Monday Night Football game between the Minnesota Vikings and the New York Jets.  Remember, the Vikings added Randy Moss to their roster this week in hopes that he would give Favre a much needed deep threat.  Furthermore, the Jets defense has been stifling this year, and their offense has surprisingly been quite effective.  This game could go either way, and even was ominously suspended by a lighting delay.  Yep, the rain was going to fall.

The game started out all Jets.  LaDainian Tomlinson and Shonn Greene helped the Jets cruise down the field a few times for a couple field goals.  Meanwhile,  Favre and the Vikes couldn’t get anything going on offense.  Then, the rain came down hard, so hard that the Jets dropped two EASY touchdown passes.  We headed into halftime with the Jets up 9-0.  But, in the second half, Favre actually got some offense going, hitting Randy Moss for a gorgeous 37-yard touchdown pass.  It was his 500th career touchdown pass!!!!!  Then, Favre hit Percy Harvin for another touchdown pass, and suddenly, the Jets were only up 15-12.  But, Shonn Greene answered the call for New York, taking in a 23-yard breakaway touchdown run!  22-12 Jets.   It was over, right?  Wrong.  Favre came back the other way and hit Percy Harvin AGAIN for an amazing touchdown.  22-20 Jets.  And then, the Jets gave the ball back to the Vikings with a chance to win.  Unbelievable.  Unfortunately, Favre turned to another character trait — foolish interceptions, as Dwight Lowery intercepted his pass and ran it into the end zone for a touchdown.  And that was all she wrote.  NY Jets 29, Minnesota 20.

Elsewhere in the NFL, the San Francisco 49ers are 0-5 to start the season.  This has been a surprise to everyone considering that many predicted the Niners not only to win the division, but to possibly go deep into the playoffs.  However, 49ers owner Jed York publicly put a message out there that even though they’re 0-5, they will still WIN the division.  This is quite a bold thing to publicly say.  Sure it instills confidence in the team, but it’s a bit crazy.  Then again, they have an easy schedule coming up, and the Cardinals are sitting in first place with a mediocre 3-2 record.  Maybe they can do it.


Finally, the San Francisco Giants finally did away with the Atlanta Braves to win the playoff series.  Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner got the win, and now the Giants will take on the powerhouse of the National League:  The Philadelphia Phillies.  Keep in mind that the Giants haven’t won a series since they moved to San Francisco 50 years ago.  Their fans are desperate for a ring, and got a taste of that when the Giants went to the series in 2003 (they lost to the Angels in 7 games).  Tim Lincecum will take the mound for the Giants when they take on Philly.  San Francisco 3, Atlanta 2.

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