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It was a deciding Game 5 between the Texas Rangers and Tampa Bay Rays.  On the mound for the Rangers, none other than their rented ace, Cliff Lee.  Lee has found his niche in baseball, essentially going to whatever team needs him at the moment.  In the past year, he won a World Series for the Phillies, and then went to Seattle (where he was hurt).  The Rangers brought him in mid-season for just this very situation:  to win a deciding game.

So how did the game turn out?  Well, Cliff Lee did what he was supposed to do… be dominate.  Lee had 11 strikeouts on the night and only let up 1-run.  He was truly masterful out there.  However, the game remained close (3-1) until the top of the 9th when the Rangers Ian Kinsler hit a two-run homerun blast to put the Rangers up 5-1 and pretty much seal the deal.  The Rays couldn’t do anything in the bottom of the ninth, and with that, the Rangers are headed to the American League Championship series against the Yankees.  This is very unfamiliar territory for the Rangers, who have been bottom dwellers for most of this decade and the 90s.  You can bet fans in Texas are ecstatic!  Texas 5, Tampa Bay 1.

In some ancillary news on the Rangers win, one of their best and most integral players, Josh Hamilton, had his own story going on.  Hamilton was supposed to be the second coming of Babe Ruth out of college.  Unfortunately, Hamilton fell into drugs and alcohol and had to take a few seasons away from the game to recover.  This was his comeback season, and he was purely spectacular.  After the Rangers won, they had their typical champagne celebration in the locker room.  Hamilton was able to celebrate with the team as well… with soda.  The team was waiting for him in the locker room with bottles of Canada Dry Ginger Ale.  A classy move on the part of the Rangers.


LeBron James and the Heat were in pre-season action against Russian team CSKA.  Well, LeBron pulled up limp and reportedly limped off the court with a serious cramp.  The entire crowd gasped, thinking, ‘Oh no, he’s out for the season’.  Now, LeBron said he’s fine and it was just a cramp, but it’s quite amazing how everyone is so desperate to see this Big 3 team in action.  The loss of any member seriously dilutes this powerhouse team they’ve assembled.  Everybody is on pins and needles any time any of them say ‘Ow’.  Cleveland 96, CSKA 85.

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