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In college football, Ohio State was hoping to defend their new #1 in the nation status.  Unfortunately, they would have a serious battle immediately in a very tough Wisconsin team… IN WISCONSIN.  Ohio State is historically very good when playing on the road as a #1 team, but many thought the Wisconsin Badgers would defend their turf.  Those experts were right.  Wisconsin didn’t waste any time, and immediately got up to a 21-3 lead in the first half.   Ohio State’s offense couldn’t do anything.  Then, in the second half, the Buckeyes made a run, but Wisconsin was simply too strong, and the Badgers upset the Buckeyes.  Well, Ohio State’s reign as the top team sure didn’t last long.  Wisconsin 31, Ohio State 18.

Plus, the first BCS Standings were released.  This is a calculated and complicated formula determining who should play in the National Championship Game.  Their first #1… Oklahoma, who appears to be the most balanced team in the nation.  Good offense, good defense, good special teams, and that’s what you need to win it all.  Oregon checks in at #2 with their high-powered offense, the underdog Boise State is #3, and a suddenly vicious Auburn is #4.  Auburn is atop the SEC and looks like a very tough team to beat, primarily because of their extremely versatile quarterback, Cam Newton. He can run, pass, everything.  However, these rankings change quickly and dramatically.   They will most likely look very different next week.

In the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys took on the Minnesota Vikings.  These teams were both favored in the Top 4 teams in the NFC at the beginning of the season.  Going into this game, they were both 1-3, and both desperately needed a win to avoid going into ‘panic mode’.  Well, it was a back-and-forth shootout.  Roy Williams and Felix Jones did most of the damage for the Cowboys, with Williams hauling in 2 touchdowns and Felix Jones finally showing what he could do. But, at the end of the day, Brett Favre was the victor, although not in a pretty way, but still the champion at the end of the day.  Now, the Cowboys are 1-4 and will face an uphill struggle to make the playoffs.  The Vikings aren’t much better off, facing their own offensive woes.  Minnesota 24, Dallas 21.


Finally, in baseball, the San Francisco Giants took a surprising 1-0 lead against Philadelphia on Saturday in Philadelphia.  The Phillies needed a win on Sunday to avoid going to San Francisco down 2-0.  Well, their newly acquired pitcher, Roy Oswalt, pitched a beautiful game against the Giants.  Through 8 inning, he only gave up 1 run and 3 hits.  Fortunately for Oswalt, the Philly bats showed up.  The game was close until the 7th inning when Jimmy Rollins hit a clutch double to deep right to score 3 runs.  That was 6-1 Phillies, and that’s where the score would stay.  The series heads back to San Fran, and it’s all tied up.  Best of 5 now.  Philadelphia 6, San Francisco 1.

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