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In college football, for the third week in a row, the #1 team in the nation faced a very tough challenge.  First, Alabama took on South Carolina IN South Carolina… and lost.  Then, Ohio State took on Wisconsin IN Wisconsin… and lost.  This week, newly appointed #1 Oklahoma had to travel to an undefeated Missouri team, in Missouri.  Missouri hasn’t had the toughest schedule this year, but they came to the game with all the confidence in the world that they could upset Oklahoma.  On the first play of the game, Missouri ran it back for a touchdown and that set the tone for the game.  Missouri would answer all of Oklahoma’s scores, and then finally pull away in the 4th quarter to topple the mighty Sooners.  That’s 3 in a row for #1 upsets.  Now, Auburn assumes the #1 spot, and has a huge X on their back.  But, they also have leading Heisman candidate Cam Newton, and certainly don’t intend to drop the ball when it counts.  Missouri 36, Oklahoma 27.

In baseball, the Texas Rangers earned their ticket to the World Series by knocking off the Goliath Yankees.  They were awaiting the winner of the San Francisco/Philadelphia series to begin this year’s World Series on Wednesday night.  The Giants led the series 3-2, but they had to win a game in Philadelphia against a very tough pitching staff.  The game was close all the way until the 8th inning when Juan Uribe smacked a homerun to give the Giants a 1-run lead.  Then, the Giants pulled out all the stops hoping to avoid a game 7, and went to their ace Tim Lincecum to relief pitch — only his second appearance as a relief pitcher ever.  However, Lincecum gave up two key hits, so the Giants had to go to Brian Wilson, an intimidating fellow with a long, dark beard.  And Wilson got the job done, securing the Giants trip back to the World Series.  Giants/Rangers, and both teams want it BAD.  Should be fantastic!  San Francisco 3, Philadelphia 2.

And in the NFL, the New Orleans Saints have been seriously struggling this year.  Two weeks ago they lost to a hapless Arizona team with a rookie starting quarterback.  This week, they would host a banged up Cleveland team.  Most assumed this was their chance to get back on track, and really exploit their high-powered offense.  Well, that didn’t happen whatsoever.  Drew Brees was horrible throwing 4 Interceptions., and just couldn’t get their offense going.  However, Browns rookie quarterback, Colt McCoy, the phenom from Texas, looks like he’s a great game manager, leading the Browns to an upset victory.

Finally, it was time for, most likely, Brett Favre’s last trip to Green Bay.  The Packers lost both of their games to the Vikings last year, and really wanted to get the best of Favre before he retired.  Well, this time they need.  The Packers defense contained Favre, and forced him into playing like ‘Bad-Favre’, the Favre that throws wild balls that are intercepted for touchdowns.  Favre’s replacement, Aaron Rodgers, played pretty well, throwing for 295 yards and 2 touchdowns.  The Vikings appear to be spiraling out of control, and then, after the game, Vikings coach Brad Childress essentially threw Favre under the bus for the loss.  This team is in disarray, and a tough road lies ahead.  Green Bay 28, Minnesota 24.

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