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In the NFL, the Cleveland Browns have had some serious woes at quarterback.  They brought in experienced veteran Jake Delhomme to try and help the offense click, but Delhomme has been injury plagued since the season started.  Then, Browns GM Mike Holmgren brought in former back-up Seattle quarterback Seneca Wallace hoping he could right the ship.  That didn’t work either, as Wallace has fallen to injury.  Now, it’s time for the Browns to turn to their rookie quarterback — former sensation at the University of Texas and all-around good-guy Colt McCoy. McCoy was amazing at Texas, and also captured the nation’s heart when he got injured in the first quarter of the National Championship Game against Alabama and was unable to play.  He almost cried in his post-game interview.  This Sunday we get to see him on the field again.  Unfortunately, his debut will come against the Pittsburgh Steelers — the best defense in the league.

In college football, #25 West Virginia was in action against Big East rival University of South Florida.  WVU was poised to be a BCS team at the beginning of the season, especially since they had pre-season Heisman candidate Noel Devine as their running-back.  Unfortunately, WVU got off to a rocky start, and has been trying to get back on track lately.  Well, they certainly didn’t slow down last night, stifiling USF’s offense and even running a few trick plays for Devine for strong yardage and a touchdown.  West Virginia still has a chance to win the Big East and possibly play in a BCS bowl, but they also might fall on their face next week against the Big East leading Syracuse.  West Virginia 20, USF 6.


Mike Tyson, former Heavyweight Boxing Champ, has a new job.  Tyson was once feared by every boxer in the sport.  Stepping into the ring with him in the late 80s/early 90s meant almost certain destruction.  Today, Tyson is a changed man.  Much calmer and seemingly more friendly.  And he will take his new demeanor to his new gig:  Boxing Ambassador to China.  That’s right, Mike Tyson has been taped by a Chinese company to explain the sport of boxing to the Chinese.  Boxing isn’t really popular in China, but this company thinks it could be, and is using Tyson to voice that message.  Tyson will need to behave over there, however.  He has already stated publicly in response to the gig that he likes Thai food better than Chinese food.  Might not be the best start, Tyson.

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