Ricky WilliamsIn the NFL, Thursday night football is all the rage.  Last night it was the Miami Dolphins v. the Carolina Panthers.  Miami received a piece of bad news this week, learning that their top running back, Ronnie Brown, is out for the season.  So, stepping into the starter role, none other than good old Ricky Williams.  You may not remember, but at the beginning of this decade, Ricky Williams was touted as the next Walter Payton.  He was big, fast, and had an amazing college career.  Then, over the years, he struggled with injuries, and even took a season off to, yes, smoke marijuana and tour the country with Lenny Kravitz.  Upon returning to the Dolphins, Ricky has primarily been in a back-up role, but this season he’s played very well.  How would he do as a starter?

The answer:  Simply amazing.  Ricky Williams seriously looked like he had something to prove out there.  In the first half alone, he had 2 touchdowns, and he finished the game with a terrific 119 yards.  His productive play allowed the Dolphins to completely manage the game and take the win.  The Panthers, on the other hand, looked average at best.  They kept it somewhat competitive, and Steve Smith had a touchdown for the Cats, but this one really belonged to the Dolphins.  Miami 24, Carolina 17.


58962585And in baseball, the San Francisco Giants Tim Lincecum won his second Cy Young award.  This came as a surprise to Lincecum, as the favorites were the two aces for St. Louis:  Adam Wainwright and Chris Carpenter.  They had more wins than Lincecum, but Lincecum led the league in strikeouts, and was second in the National League in ERA.  The Giants weren’t as productive offensively, explaining his lack of wins, but Lincecum was a fabulous stat guy.


Finally, in college basketball, the North Carolina TarHeels start most seasons by putting their dominance on display.  They want to make everybody afraid, and this season was no different.  Their first 3 games have been cakewalks, allowing the TarHeels to crush opponents.  However, last night #4 UNC got their first test in #15 Ohio State, and the Buckeyes wouldn’t prove as easy a victory.  Evan Turner led the way for Ohio State with 23 points, but the Heels were able to hold them off (barely).  Deon Thompson had 15 points for UNC, as the TarHeels edged out a victory and remain undefeated.  UNC 77, Ohio State 73.

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