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57905788It was Game 6 of the World Series, and the Philadelphia Phillies needed a win to keep this series going.  However, it would be hard, as they were at home against a Yankees team that wanted to wrap this thing up.  The pitching match-up:  And old school match-up between Pedro Martinez for the Phillies, and Andy Petite for the Yankees. Well, the Yankees got out to a hot start, thanks to “Godzilla”, Hideki Matsui.  He blasted a two-run home run shot to put New York up 2-0.  Then, in the 3rd inning, Matsui smacked another shot to center field, and that would bring in 2 more runs.  And it was 4-1 Yankees.  In the 5th, it was Matsui AGAIN, crushing a double to score even more RBIs.  7-1 Yankees.  Just a monster night for Matsui.

Mariano RiveraIn the 6th, it looked like Philly might have a rally in them, as Ryan Howard crushed a two-run homer.  7-3 Yankees.  But after that, not much production from the Phillies.  And then, in came Mariano Rivera, hoping to nab his 5th world series ring.  In fact, there are 4 Yankees from the New York team of the late 90s, early 00s that were a part of that dynasty (Rivera, Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, and Andy Petite).  Well, Rivera was brilliant again, taking care of business in the 9th.  Then, with the Phils Shane Victorino at a full count, Rivera threw an inside fastball, Victorino grounded to 2nd, and the Yankees picked up the 3rd out.  That’s it.  The Yankees won their 27th World Series!!! Amazing!!!  They dedicated it to their ailing team owner, the great George Steinbrenner.  Yep, the Yankees are back on top of baseball again.  NY Yankees 7, Philadelphia 3.


There was some gossip out of the NFL, from the biggest gossip TEAM in the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys.  Their big free agent acquisition last season, Roy Williams, publicly told the media he wasn’t on the same page with QB Tony Romo.  Even though Williams is considered the #1 receiver for the Cowboys, he said that Romo completely favors Miles Austin (their supposed #2 receiver).  Williams complained that balls sent his way were poorly thrown and made him work too much, whereas the balls thrown to Austin were much cleaner and in less defensive traffic.  Dallas loves their drama, and Williams is starting to sound like Terrell Owens did for the ‘Boys last season.


Finally, some interesting news out of college basketball.  Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus Jordan, has decided to play for the University of Central Florida.  Well, Central Florida has a very large contract with Adidas, which requires all athletes to wear Adidas gear.  These sponsorships are very lucrative and important for school financing.  The money is spread through all departments.  Well, Marcus Jordan said he only wants to wear his father’s Nike Air Jordan’s, because they hold special meaning in his family.  His refusal to wear Adidas will now cost the school a healthy sum.  Seems kind of crazy over just one pair of shoes.

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