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58424211Yesterday, we reported that the Kansas City Chiefs had let go of former star running-back Larry Johnson. Johnson  wasn’t performing this season, and the Chiefs simply got tired of his off-the-field antics.  Most recently he was suspended for making ‘gay slurs’.  Well, today, it appears that none of the other teams want him either.  Not a single one made a move to pick him up, and some teams out there that truly needed help at the running back spot.  This means that the Kansas City Chiefs still have to pay his remaining salary, and Johnson will assess his NFL future this off-season.

Brady QuinnElsewhere in the NFL, it looks like Cleveland is ready to make yet another change at the QB position.  They started the year with Brady Quinn, switched to Derek Anderson, and, since things haven’t really gotten any better, they are going back to Quinn.  Why?  Well, Quinn was drafted to be their franchise quarterback a few seasons ago.  And since Anderson hasn’t done anything, they may as well throw him out there and see if there are any signs of life.  Going forward, they will need to know if Quinn has a future with the team or if they should completely give up on the Quinn experiment.


In the NBA, an amazing finish out of Chicago, where the Bulls played host to a tough Denver Nugget team.  The Nuggets led 90-89 with their point-guard, Chauncey Billups on the line for one free throw.  Making it would only give the Nuggets a two point lead, and give the Bulls a shot to win the game.  So Billups attempted to brick the free throw, hoping it would wildly ricochet, and the clock would run out.  But, the Bulls got the rebound, and the refs ruled that their was 0.3 seconds on the clock.  Enough, technically, for a catch and shoot.

Well, the Bulls in bounded to their center Brad Miller at the top of the arc, and off his back foot he threw it up and sunk the basket.  Bulls win!  Whoa, whoa, wait… the refs needed to review it to see if the ball had actually come out of Miller’s hands by the time the clock struck 0.  They looked and looked as the crowed waited with anticipation.  Their final decision:  Nope, he still had his fingertips on the ball.  And the Nuggets were handed back the victory.  Denver 90, Chicago 89.

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