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In the NBA, a much anticipated game between LeBron James and the Cavs playing host to the up-and-coming Chicago Bulls.  Could the Bulls beat the Cavs on their home court?  Well, LeBron put on a brilliant show, even dazzling the crowd with an alley-oop dunk from point guard Delonte West.  However, in the closing seconds, things got quite interesting.  The Cavs led by 1 with just 3.3 seconds remaining.  LeBron drove to the hoop, like he always does, went up for the layup and seemingly… got blocked.  No Foul called.  LeBron was incredulous.  No foul for the NBA’s best player in the closing seconds of a home game?????  Nope.  In the replay, it looks like the LeBron actually lost the ball himself.  It was the right call, and the Bulls grab the victory.  With this loss, last year’s #1 seed is now 3-3. Chicago 86, Cavs 85.


Tony RomoIn the NFL, some follow-up gossip out of Dallas.  Earlier this week, Roy Williams, their #1 receiver, voiced his frustration with quarterback Tony Romo. He said that Romo wasn’t throwing him the ball correctly, while Miles Austin was getting perfectly thrown balls.  Well, quarterback Tony Romo said that Williams comments will not divide the team.  Williams and Romo put in a lot of work during the off season, and now Williams is saying it’s not paying off.  Williams even said, “I’m not trying to be Terrell Owens”.  While Williams is complaining, many experts agree that he’s not the best route receiver, and the better balls should go to Miles Austin.

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