58737714In the NFL, the New Orleans Saints looked to stay unbeaten against a horrible St. Louis Rams team.  But… how bad are the Saints, really?  Well, this game was more about a sloppy Saints team than a good Rams squad. Drew Brees had only 223 yards on the day, and also threw 2 interceptions.  Sure, he had 2 TDs too, but for Brees, it was not an impressive outing.  On the other side, Marc Bulger was back in true form, as he threw for 298 yards and 2 touchdowns, both of which to Rams speedy receiver Donnie Avery.  But, thanks to a relatively impressive day from Reggie Bush (83 rushing yards and a TD), the Saints were able to barely edge the Rams and move to 9-0.  New Orleans 28, St. Louis 23.

Elsewhere, it’s worth taking a look at a comeback Tennessee Titans team.  They started the season off an abysmal 0-6.  They were going nowhere.  But, ever since they benched Kerry Collins and brought in Vince Young, they’re undefeated, and now only 2 games back from a wild card birth.  Additionally, their running back, Chris Johnson, is playing OUT OF HIS MIND!  He rushed for 132 yards and 2 touchdowns against the Bills, and also nabbed 100 yards of receiving.  He is seriously emerging as the league’s superstar running back next to Adrian Peterson.  The Titans just crushed the Bills, and will certainly play spoiler to some teams playoffs hopes in the home stretch of the season.  And maybe, even make the playoffs themselves.  Tennessee 41, Buffalo 17.

The Denver Broncos may have started the season 6-0, but they have also lost their last 3 games.  Their most recent debacle… falling to a putrid Washington Redskins team.  Orton threw for 193 yards and 2 touchdowns, but got injured, and was replaced by a rusty Chris Simms.  Meanwhile, the Redskins actually looked… decent.  Clinton Portis was out of the game for the Skins, but his back up, LaDell Betts was phenomenol.  Betts ran for 114 yards and a touchdown, as the Redskins rolled to a victory.  Washington 27, Denver 17.

Finally, the game of the week was easily New England vs. Indianapolis.  Indy was 8-0 headed into the game, and this was a true test.  Beat the Pats, and they might actually have a shot of running the table.  Well, the Pats were all over the Colts in the first half.  Peyton wasn’t playing well, and the Pats were seemingly scoring at will.  Brady threw 375 yards and 3 Touchdowns in the game, and the Pats looked poised to win this one.  Then again, the Colts quarterback IS Peyton Manning.  He led the Colts to a marvelous comeback in the 4th quarter, but they still trailed 34-21 with just over 7 minutes in the game.  The Colts got a TD from Joseph Addai, but still needed 6 to tie the game.  That’s when it happened, a controversial call that everyone is talking about today.  The Pats decided to go for it on 4th down and 2 with 2 minutes left in the game.  The logic being that they didn’t want Manning to have the chance for a 2-minute drill.  Well, they didn’t convert, and the Colts got the ball in excellent field position.  That’s all they would need, as they ran out the clock, and got a 1 yard touchdown from Manning to Wayne to win the game.  Just a miracle comeback!  And with that, the Colts preserve a perfect record and move to 9-0.  Indianapolis 35, New England 34.

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