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With the NBA Finals awaiting Game 4, and the NHL Finals awaiting a much anticipated Game 7 on Friday night, it was a relatively quiet day in the sports world.


Mark SanchezIn the NFL, the New York Jets have finally signed their new USC rookie phenom, Mark Sanchez, to a contract.  The good news for Sanchez, the Jets wanted Sanchez bad, as they traded up a few picks to get him at the #5 spot.   We don’t know exactly how much the deal is worth, but it’s estimated to be around a 5-year deal worth between $50 – $60million dollars.  Wow, now that’s a nice pay day.  Due to this high salary, it’s very likely that Sanchez will be the starter rather quickly.  While Kellen Clements in the QB battle with Sanchez, most football experts believe Sanchez will be the starter in Week 1.

Brett Favre.jpgElsewhere in the NFL, the Brett Favre drama is quickly diminishing.  First off, Minnesota Vikings coach publicly said that he never gave Favre a deadline to choose or not.  The fact is that there was a team workout on Friday, and Coach Childress simply wanted to know if he was coming or not.  So this whole, “Favre has till the end of the week to decide if he will play in Minnesota next season” was totally bogus.  It fell out of the sky.  As of now, the Vikings will simply just ‘wait and see’, and assume that the 09 season will take place without Favre.


And some very cool news out of the college football world.  The Washington Huskies were among college football elite in the 80s and early half of the 90s.  You could say they were in the top 10 nationally almost every year, and were right up there with the likes of Florida/Michigan/Texas.  However, in the past decade and a half, they have severly cooled, and last year played one of their worst seasons ever — finishing the year without a win.  Well now, they just signed one of the most coveted recruits in the nation to be their new quarterback.  And this isn’t just any recruit, this is Nick Montana, son of the legendary Joe Montana.  Having a big name like that on campus could definitely turn around the current image of Washington Huskie football.

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