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In some great news for Orlando Magic fans, it appears they may have another all-star in the line-up.  This year, their point-guard, Jameer Nelson (former star of the college 1-seed underdog St. Joe’s team), was selected to the all-star game.  However, just a week before, he got injured and was ruled out for the season.  Cavaliers point-guard Mo Williams went in his place.  Well, now he has been ruled to play.  He said he didn’t want to affect the team’s chemistry or say he should play over someone else (notably current Magic point-guard Rafer Alston) — but he followed this up, in a lobby for playing time, saying, “I have been known to do some amazing things sometime”.

LeBron JamesMeanwhile, the former superstar of the NBA playoffs, LeBron James, is getting both bad news and some painful news.  The bad news:  David Stern, the commissioner of the NBA wants to have a chat with LeBron about how he snubbed the media after Game 6.  The NBA likes its players to be personable and likable, and refusing to talk to the media after key games is a big No-No.  Some have claimed it’s very hypocritical that LeBron wasn’t fined, saying the NBA rules committee plays ‘favorites’.  They’re probably right.  The NBA knows how important LeBron is to the organization.

And in LeBron’s painful news:  He had a benign growth removed from his mouth.  He was playing with it through the playoffs, and his doctors felt he should have it removed as soon as possible.  Even though it’s benign, the growth was located in a difficult part of the mouth to operate on, and LeBron and the Cavs thought he should wait until after the playoffs to have the 5-hour procedure done.

Finally, in an update on the Memphis/Derrick Rose scandal, Memphis has conducted a ‘full-scale’ investigation into their records, and shows no proof that Rose cheated on his SAT.  There were just allegations up to this point, with the only evidence being a ‘handwriting expert’, who said the handwriting on the test didn’t match Derrick’s.   Memphis feels strongly that it’s not true and they should not be fined, penalized, or lose their wins from the record books of the 07-08 season.

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