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With the NBA gearing up for a championship on Thursday, and the NHL between Stanley Cut games, the lead stories were, essentially, gossip.


Vince Young.JPGFirst off, Tennessee Titans quarterback, Vince Young, made some pretty brash statements yesterday.  Young was drafted in 2005 to be the face of the Titans franchise — a college phenom who was poised to be a superstar in the league.  However, injuries and, well, poor play forced the Titans to explore other options.  Last year, they started aging veteran Kerry Collins and had their best season in years — even starting the season 10-0.  They were upset in the playoffs, but intend to go with Collins in ’09.

Well, Vince Young came out and said, “I definitely want to get back out there playing ball and picking up where I left off, winning games and having a good time with my teammates and with the fans. At the same time, if them guys don’t want me to be in there, it’s time for me to make a career change for myself. Because the fact is I’m ready to play ball. If they’re not ready for me to play ball, then somebody is.” With these remarks, Young is basically saying, ‘Play Me or Trade Me’.  This will be a tough decision for Tennessee as Young is great insurance at QB, and his attitude definitely endured an adjustment, but they could also get some nice draft picks for Young and just go with Collins this year.  We’ll see how this progresses.


Elsewhere in sports, the Memphis Tigers may really be in some serious trouble.  Allegedly, Derrick Rose played the ’07-’08 without being officially eligible to play.  There are claims that he had a teammate in High School take his SAT test so he could play, but this is a clear violation of NCAA rules (and well, just rules in general).  Sure, with Rose in the NBA right now, he really doesn’t have anything to worry about.  However, Memphis definitely does.  If it turns out their historic season (in which they went to the Final Championship Game) was done so with an ineligible superstar… uh-oh.  Memphis would have that season statistically erased and could potentially be banned from the NCAA Tournament for a few years.  This story is really starting to heat up.


Ichiro SuzukiFinally, the Seattle Mariners, one of the league’s worst teams last year, is actually playing pretty decent this season.  More notably, however, is their star player, Ichiro Suzuki, is on a 25-game hit streak.  A streak like this is always fun for the fans because you root so hard for it to just keep going.  The hit-streak record is probably the last major record in baseball not to be broken.  Joe DiMaggio still holds this trophy with a 56-game hit streak.  And in baseball, the media usually gets excited when a player passes the 40-game mark.  Good luck to Ichiro.

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