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The sports world was on hold yesterday, with both the NBA and NHL on off-days in their championship series.  However, there were still some items of note.


Brett FavreSomehow Brett Favre snuck into the public conscious again during an off-season.  Favre retired last year from the NY Jets after a comeback year, but now appears to want to play again.  The team in question this year:  The Minnesota Vikings.  In the past few weeks, Favre expressed interest, then the Vikings expressed interest, then Favre said he was still retired and ‘didn’t’ want to play, then blah blah blah — it never ends.  But now, the Minnesota Vikings have put a ticking clock on it, telling Favre that he has until the end of the week to decide if he’s playing next year in Minnesota or not.

Well, you can certainly understand this from Minnesota’s point of view, but at the same time, Brett Favre just had surgery on his bicep tendons.  This was a relatively serious surgery, and he’s not fully recovered at this time.  Therefore, it’s hard for him to fully commit to playing an NFL season if he doesn’t know he’s fully healthy.  So he may have to refuse the offer simply because he’s just not ready.  Then again, Favre wants to play in the limelight again, and the Vikings are certainly a Super Bowl contender.  Taking the gig could give him the keys to kingdom.  It’s a tough call, and we will note further developments.


Elsewhere in sports, the Texas Longhorns have finally ended their College World Series drought.  Earlier this decade, they were a dominant team in college baseball, but have fallen off the radar the last 3 seasons.  Yesterday, they beat TCU to send them to Omaha, Nebraska for the college world series.  Only 8 teams are invited to this special event, and now Texas will try to re-create legendary baseball prominence they had from the first half of the decade.


Kaka.jpgFor those of you not interested in international soccer teams, it’s understandable.  However, player signings are interesting from a pure financial standpoint.  The best players in the world get an insane amount of money to sign with a team, and these players essentially rotate between the top 6 teams in the world.  Now, AC Milan’s (Italy) best player — the Brazilian Kaka, has reportedly signed a 92 MILLION DOLLAR DEAL to play for Real Madrid in Spain for the next 6 years.  That sets the record for most expensive signing in soccer history.  Wow — let’s just hope he doesn’t get hurt or… stink.

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