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Yao MingSome very bad news for the Houston Rockets.  The Rockets had a spectacular playoff run in May behind a seasoned Yao Ming, and a hungry Houston Rockets team.  They even stayed in there with the champion Los Angeles Lakers before losing their star Yao Ming.  And even then, they pushed the series to 7 games.  Well, it was reported today that Yao Ming’s broken foot injury might be worse than expected.  Much worse.

His doctors are speculating that the injury might force him to miss next season, and unfortunately, may be career ending.  This would be detrimental to the Rockets who were just starting to shine and jell.  With Yao, they are definitely contenders next season.  Without him, and with Artest as a free agent, they might have to rebuild from scratch.  This is truly unfortunate, and the Rockets are hoping they get some good news from the Yao doctors in the coming days.

Ricky RubioElsewhere in the NBA, it appears that the #5 pick, Ricky Rubio, is the hottest name in sports right now.  He was drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves, and there is a possibility will decline the offer to play in the NBA, and simply continue playing in Spain.  Well, some of the big market teams are salivating over the possibility of the young, talented, good-looking Rubio to play for their city.  He may have a little developing to do, but he definitely could sell tickets, as his phenomenal passing techniques are an absolute sensation to watch.

Well, even though Minnesota is being flooded for calls, they say they are in no rush to deal Rubio.  And this is in spite of the fact that they drafted another point guard with the #6 pick, Syracuse’s Jonny Flynn.  They publicly stated that if Rubio decided to play for the Wolves, he would start on Day 1.  There’s no question about it.  Plus, even if Rubio decides to stay in Spain, he would become a huge trading chip during the enormous 2010 off-season (in which there are a plethora of superstar free agents — many of which on lookout for long-term contracts).

You can expect many NBA trades to come throughout the summer.  Some of which could be some large blockbuster deals, especially with many teams trying to win NOW (Washington, Cleveland, San Antonio, Phoenix, LA Lakers, Houston, Denver, Detroit).  We’ll see how it all plays out.

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