An action-packed game between the Boston Celtics and Charlotte Bobcats.  The Bobcats have been a welcome surprise this season.  They’ve finally turned it around, and are now making a late season push to get the #8 spot in the playoffs.  They held their own against the Celtics, even leading towards the end of the game, but Ray Allen drained a beautiful 3-pointer to send the game to overtime.  Then, in DOUBLE OVERTIME, Ray Allen hit another 3 to give the Celtics the lead.  The Bobcats had one last chance, and got a good look, but just couldn’t finish.  Behind Ray Allen’s 22 points, and clutch end-game heroics, the Celtics prevailed.  Boston 111, Charlotte 109.


An update from the Jay Cutler drama in Denver.  Two days ago, the Broncos publicly announced that they would trade Cutler.  Owner Pat Bowlen said that he has been trying to reach Jay Cutler for the last week.  This call was essentially a final apology, a final plea to just get over this and move forward.  However, yesterday, Cutler claimed that this wasn’t true — that he never heard once from the Broncos owner.  So… who’s telling the truth?  Either way, Jay Cutler won’t be in Denver next year, and he will be a huge catch from whatever team gets him.  Reportedly, 10 different teams want Cutler.

Elsewhere in the NFL, the policeman who stopped Texans running back Ryan Moats has quit.  Last week, an officer stopped Ryan Moats and his family as they were preparing to spend a few final minutes with his dying step-mother.  Moats pleaded with the cop to just let him go, that his mother was dying, but the officer persisted, forcing Moats to answer a series of questions.  And in that time, his step-mother passed away.  There was a public outcry, and just yesterday that officer reportedly quit his job.


Finally, in some news out of college basketball (non Final Four related), USC’s head coach Tim Floyd will take over as the elite Arizona basketball program.  Zona has been coachless ever since the infamous Lute Olson retired for health reasons, and now, to revive the program, they’ve brought in the proven Floyd.  Mixing Floyd’s incredible coaching abilities with the top talent that Arizona attracts, should blend for some fantastic results.  Expect Arizona to return to the Top 10 next season.

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