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The Arizona Cardinals Anquan Boldin is one of the most reliable wide receivers in the NFL.  Even before Larry Fitzgerald came to town, Boldin was pretty much the only highlights from the Cardinals passing attack.  And in the past few seasons, he’s been electric, always coming up in big moments.  However, guys like this like to be the alpha dog, not second fiddle.  After the Super Bowl, Boldin asked to be traded, and now it looks like he will get his wish.  Head coach Ken Whisenhunt said he and the Cardinals organization will listen to a trade for Boldin.  This too has major draft shake-up potential, as the Cards could land some key draft picks for Boldin.  The NY Giants are looking to replace the slot left by Plaxico Burress, and Boldin might be that guy.

Elsewhere in the NFL, the Jacksonville Jaguars just signed their star, and only true running back weapon, Maurice Jones-Drew to a 5-year deal worth $31 Million Dollars.  This effectively makes him the 3rd highest paid running back in the NFL, just behind the Rams Stephen Jackson and the Chiefs Larry Johnson.  However, he does edge out the Redskins Clinton Ports, and that’s saying something.  Jones-Drew is primed for a huge year next year, especially given that Fred Taylor was finally let go (and signed by New England).  So, now, Jones-Drew will be the sole featured running back and get a ton of carries.


In the NBA, the Cavs were primed to tie the 86 Celtics for the best home record of all time (40-1)  But, in an expected move, Cavs coach Mike Brown decided to sit his stars.  Yes, that includes LeBron and Mo Williams.  Looks like they decided to value a healthy playoff team rather than a historic record.  Well, it’s hard to argue with this. However, the Cavs still looked good, and the game came down to the final seconds, and a clutch 3-pointer from Boobie Gibson to send the game to overtime.  And, in OT, Gibson got one more chance to win the whole game, but the defense was too strong and Gibson didn’t even get a shot off.  So much for tying the all-time home winning record.  But… the Cavs are primed, that’s for sure.  Philadelphia 111, Cleveland 110.


Finally, in an UNEXPECTED move in the college basketball world, new head coach of Florida International, Hall of Famer Isaiah Thomas, has decided to refuse his first year salary.  He said that he would prefer to donate that money to the school’s athletic program.  Wow, that’s a stand-up move.  Does Isaiah actually have a heart?  Isaiah said that this is his way of giving back.  Florida INT is an upstart school, but it’s starting to really become relevant. Their football program is getting better, the school’s in the heart of Miami, and they play in a competitive conference.  Next college basketball season, we need to keep a sharp eye on this team.  Some very exciting things could happen.

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