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In the NBA, Wednesday night was about getting even, as a few teams were looking to balance their respective series.

First up, the Orlando Magic looked to bounce back against losing in the final seconds in Game 1 vs. Philly.  Well, the Magic clearly got their act in gear, as they dominated almost the entire game.  Andre Miller, Philly’s Point Guard, had a great game with 30 points, while the Magic’s superstar, Dwight Howard struggled.  He had only 11 points.  But, an unlikely hero stepped up for Orlando:  Courtney Lee.  He led the team with 24 points on the night, and ensured their Game 2 win.  The series is now tied at a game a piece heading back to Philly.  Orlando 96, Philly 87.

Next up, it was the Miami Heat looking to make things square in Atlanta.  People counted out Atlanta in this series, but they proved everyone wrong in Game 1.  Could they do it again?  Well, MVP candidate, Dwayne Wade took the game into his own hands last night, basically doing whatever he wanted against a lax Atlanta defense.  He scored 33 points, and had 7 assists to boot.  The Atlanta starters all scored in the double digits, but Wade and Jermaine O’Neal were just too much for the Hawks, and the Heat grabbed Game 2 to balance the series at 1 game a piece.  Miami 108, Atlanta 93.

Finally, it was Game 2 between the Denver Nuggets and the New Orleans Hornets.  Denver handily took Game 1, and Chris Paul and company were hoping they could get hot and exploit Denver’s weaknesses — namely, defense.  Well, Paul had a decent game with 14 points and 13 assists, but his foe on Denver, point guard Chauncey Billups, is simply playing out of his mind.  And he’s been this way since arriving in Denver near the beginning of the season.  Billups had 31 points on the night, and continues to just pick apart the Hornets.  Hopefully, the Hornets will bounce back in New Orleans, but Denver looks like they’re on a mission to win this whole thing.  Denver 108, New Orleans 93.

Derrick RoseFinally, another award was announced yesterday in the NBA:  Rookie of The Year.  This is a big deal considering all the hype around big rookies before the season starts (Derrick Rose, Michael Beasley, O.J. Mayo, Kevin Love, etc…).  Well, the victor, and by a lot, was the #1 overall pick, Derrick Rose.  Rose proved this season that he is destined to be a superstar in this league, coming in and playing starting point guard with tremendous success in his rookie season.  Now, his Bulls are tied with the defending champion Boston Celtics and headed back to Chicago with home court advantage.  They just might win the series over a demoralized, Garnett-less Celtic team.  Congratulations to Derrick Rose.

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