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College Basketball

Some huge news out of the college basketball world.  Last week, Kentucky decided that it was done with the Billie Gillespie experiment.  He came in to coach the illustrious Kentucky basketball program, one of the top five programs in the country, but failed to turn the team around in any degree.  Kentucky used to rule the SEC and almost always gets a #1 seed in the tournament.  This decade, they’ve been very quiet.  Well, today they made a huge change.

It appears that Memphis Tigers coach, John Calipari, will be the new Kentucky coach.  This is somewhat controversial, given that he has completely turned around the Memphis program in the past couple years.  He bolstered their recruiting ten-fold, led them to a National Championship last season, and got them a #2 seed this season, after losing just three games.  Calipari said he wanted to stay at Memphis, but the opportunity to take the reigns of the KENTUCKY WILDCATS was just too special.  Now, with Calipari in control, you can definitely expect Kentucky to return to the top of the rankings and once again be the team that everybody wants to see lose in March (Besides Duke).


An important update to the Jay Cutler drama.  To quickly recap, the new Broncos head coach tried to get free agent Matt Cassel as his quarterback.  That heavily insulted their current quarterback, Jay Cutler, and there has been nothing but a tone of betrayal in the Denver clubhouse.  Cutler has said he wants out of Denver, but the Broncos said that he was their guy.  Well, today, the Broncos publicly announced that they plan to trade Jay Cutler.  This situation must have become so poisonous that the Broncos just felt they were better off without him.  A risky move considering now they will have to train a brand new quarterback on the Denver offense.  So, essentially, the Broncos will be heading into next season with both a new quarterback and new head coach.  Not exactly the best formula for a Super Bowl win.


And finally, a little news out of women’s college basketball.  The undefeated UCONN Huskies have entered the Final Four.  Heading in to this tournament, many felt that this current UCONN Huskies team might be the best team in women’s basketball history.  They’re not just undefeated, they are overwhelmingly favored to win it all.  Now, they are just two games away from cementing their place in history.

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