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In the NBA, the playoffs were in full swing.

First up, it was the Atlanta Hawks visiting the Miami Heat.  Miami has a 2-1 lead in the series, and the Hawks were hoping to tie it up before heading back to Atlanta.  Going against the Hawks:  they haven’t had a playoff game on the road in 12 years — not exactly the most helpful statistic.  Dwayne Wade had a nice game with 22 points, but he didn’t put up one of his MVP-caliber performances last night.  The heroes of the game were Atlanta’s Zaza Pachulia, who had only 12 points, but 18 rebounds, and point guard Mike Bibby.  He had 15 points, and nailed some clutch 3’s to stave off a Miami comeback.  Atlanta 81, Miami 71.

Next up, it was the Denver Nuggets against the seemingly hapless New Orleans Hornets.  The Hornets won the last game, and appeared to have some life in them, but last night was simply an embarrassment.  The Nuggets absolutely destroyed the Hornets — they wiped the floor with them to tie the record for the biggest blowout in NBA history at 58 points.  And this happened on the Hornets HOME COURT!!! Carmelo Anthony led the way for the Nuggets with 26 points, and nobody did anything of note for the Hornets.  Denver now takes a 3-1 lead in a series that should be over VERY soon.  Denver 121, New Orleans 63.

Finally, the Los Angeles Lakers were looking to finish off the series against the Utah Jazz on their home floor.  Kobe Bryant’s the type of guy who just likes to finish things, and move on, and that’s exactly what he did against the Jazz last night.  Kobe took matters into his own hands, scoring 31 points to extinguish a Jazz team that looked like it was ready for the off-season to begin.  Now, the Lakers await the winner of the Houston/Portland series.  And if it is Houston — that could be a very interesting series.  Houston looks great right now.  LA Lakers 107, Utah 96.


Ian JohnsonAnd in some NFL news, a few superstar standouts from college football weren’t selected in this season’s draft.  These include Chase Daniel (a former Heisman candidate and ESPN-Magazine cover athlete), Graham Harrell (the guy who put up monster stats for the surprisingly good Texas Tech team, and Ian Johnson (the Boise State heroic running back who beat Oklahoma two years ago, then proposed to his girlfriend on the sideline.  Yeah — you remember him).  Well, these guys will actually get a chance to prove themselves, as they’ve all signed with a team to at least try and make the final roster.  Chase Daniel is headed to the Redskins, Graham Harrell will be a Cleveland Brown, and Ian Johnson will join the Minnesota Vikings.  A sigh of relief for these standouts.

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