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The top two teams in the nation have very simple weekends.  #1 Alabama Crimson Tide will face SEC rival Mississippi State, but the Bulldogs are only 3-6, and shouldn’t put up much of a fight against the top team in the country.  However, last week, the un-ranked Iowa Hawkeyes beat a then perfect Penn State team, so… anything’s possible.   #2 Texas Tech, on the other hand, has the week off.  So they have nothing to worry about.

Many college football experts feel that the winners of the SEC Championship game and Big 12 Championship Game will play each other.  The SEC game will most likely feature an undefeated Alabama team against the surging, 1-loss Florida Gators.  If Florida edges ‘Bama, then they should earn the right to advance to the BCS Championship Game.  But first, the Gators have to get by #25 South Carolina.  Florida should prevail under star quarterback Tim Tebow, but nothing is guaranteed in NCAA ball.

Over in the Big 12, the championship game will definitely include two of these three teams:  Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Texas.  Texas Tech has the week off this weekend, but they have the Oklahoma Sooners to look forward to on Nov. 22nd.  Now that will be a showdown, as both teams are out to prove their worth.

Furthermore, among the 1-loss teams out there is #5 USC.  They have been dominating opponents ever since their debacle against Oregon State, and they definitely feel like they belong in the top two as well.  The BCS computerized system is heavily flawed, denying some of the best teams a chance to prove they’re the best.  Every college football fan on the planet is praying for some type of playoff system.  That tournament alone would bring a whole new audience to the game.  And that’s always a good thing.


The Lakers perfect start was finally put to the test against the Iverson infused Detroit Pistons.  Kobe put up 29 points for the Lakers, but the Pistons were just too much.  Iverson had 25 in the game, but the show belonged to Rasheed Wallace.  He had 25 points and 13 rebounds, and still looks as good as he did during his heyday in Portland.  The game ended with a monster slam from Wallace, and the Pistons improve to 7-2 and hand the Lakers their first loss of the season.  Detroit 106, LA Lakers 95.


Finally, in some rare UFC news, there is a HUGE heavyweight fight tonight between Randy Couture and Brock Lesnar.  This is a big deal because Randy Couture is an icon in UFC coming back to ring after a brief retirement, and Brock Lesnar is actually a former star in the WWE (fake wrestling).  However, you can’t argue with Lesnar’s size, strength and athletic ability.  Lesnar even spent a pre-season with the Minnesota Vikings a couple years ago.  He joined Ultimate Fighting just 18 months ago, and now finally has a chance to truly prove himself in the sport as legitimate champion.  Even if Ultimate Fighting isn’t your thing, this should still be fun to watch because it will be the most watched event in the history of UFC.   The characters involved alone make it thrilling.  It’s available on Pay-Per-View.