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Former Knicks head coach Larry Brown made his return to Madison Square Garden last night, and was greeted with a chorus of boos.  When Brown coached the Knicks, they were absolutely terrible.  So Knicks fans really wanted to win this contest as a form of revenge.  And that’s exactly what they got.  The Knicks look pretty good this season, and their point guard, Nate Robinson, looks amazing.  Every time he put up a shot, it’s like he couldn’t miss.  Robinson had a total of 24 points on the night.  When Larry Brown coached the Knicks, he mostly kept Robinson on the bench.  So Nate wanted to show his old coach that he can be a terror when he gets a chance.  The game was close, but the Knicks prevailed 101-98.

And over in Minnesota, the San Antonio Spurs rolled into town with an 0-3 record.  They haven’t gone 0-3 to start the season since 1973, and going up against another win less team (The Timberwolves) they really needed to prove that they are worth something this season.  And they barely did that, as the game was forced into a double overtime.  The Timberwolves may be a young team, but they’re tough, and will put up a good fight against anyone.  But the game belonged to Spurs point-guard Tony Parker.  He put up 55 points in the game, as the Spurs finally won it in the end.  They’re 1-3 now, and the future of their season is still a question mark.  San Antonio 129, Minnesota 125.
In Toronto, it was a match of two undefeated teams.  The Pistons and Raptors, both at 3-0.   It was a back and forth game, but it was the Pistons who maintained their perfect record.  Tayshaun Prince led the way for the Pistons with 27 points, while Chris Bosh was the man for the Raptors with 26.  But the story of the game was that the Pistons are still perfect WITHOUT Allen Iverson.  When he finally suits up for a game, is anybody going to be able to stop their offense.  On the defensive end, the Pistons are solid, and now with adding an explosive scorer like Iverson to the mix, they will be dangerous.  Detroit is definitely a team you shouldn’t miss on TV this season.  Detroit 100, Toronto 93.


In the baseball post-season, Hall of Fame pitcher Greg Maddux picked up yet another award to add to his trophy case.  He won his 18th Golden Glove award.  For those of you who don’t know, a Golden Glove award is given to the best fielder in every position on the field.  But Maddux is a humble and gracious guy, and even though he’s won numerous Cy Young Awards (Best Pitcher) and 17 Gold Glove awards in his career, he still said that winning this Gold Glove is a tremendous honor in what was an amazing season.
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