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It was the first start for former Notre Dame quarterback (and pretty boy) Brady Quinn.  Throughout the week, there was speculation whether or not this was a good move for the Browns.  To bench last year’s star QB Derek Anderson for a second-year guy midway through the season?  Furthermore, it wasn’t even on a week’s rest, as it was a Thursday night game.  But, Quinn looked pretty good.  He capped off his opening drive with a TD pass to Kellen Winslow, and then hit Winslow later in the game for another TD.  However, the Broncos rallied back, as their QB Jay Cutler threw for 447 yards.  He connected on an 11-yard TD pass to Brandon Marshall with 1:14 left to keep and maintain the lead.  Cutler finished with 3 total TDs.  All in all, Quinn gave Browns fans something to root for even though the game ended in typical Cleveland failure fashion.  Denver 34, Cleveland 30.


Ryan Leaf, the former all-star college QB, and 2nd pick in the 1998 draft, is making headlines again.  Going into the ’98 draft, the Indianapolis Colts were speculating whom they should take with their #1 Pick — Leaf, the prodigy QB from Washington State, or Peyton Manning, the stud at Tennessee.  They selected Manning… good choice.  Leaf went to San Diego and was an absolute bust.  He had character and motivation issues, and his once theorized superstar NFL career never panned out.  Now he is the quarterbacks coach at West Texas A & M University.  He declared it was for personal reasons, and left it at that.  But the fact that all sports media outlets reported this shows something about his mythic status.  People just can’t forget about this guy.  He failed, but somehow his failure is more glorious than other bust QBs.  If he ever truly succeeds at something again, it’s going to make a great feel-good underdog story for sports fans.


It was another fun match-up between the Williams sisters, Venus and Serena.  This time it was the WTA Quarterfinals.  Their careers have flip-flopped multiple times, with Venus the dominant one for a period, and then  Serena taking the reigns as Mrs. Unbeatable.  That title seems to have gone back to Venus, as she beat her sister 5-7, 6-1, 6-0 to reach the WTA semifinal.  Now, can she go all the way?


The Dodgers traded for Red Sox slugger Manny Ramirez late last season.  And boy did it pay off.  Manny caught fire, and led the Dodgers to the NLCS.   Manny was great for business too, as Dodger fans came to the stadium in droves just to see if he’ll crush one out of the park.  Plus, they all wore those Manny dreadlocks wigs.  Well, the Dodgers decided they needed to have him back for next year, and have offered him a huge contract, which would make him the 2nd highest paid player in baseball behind Alex Rodriguez. If he takes the deal, the Dodgers will surely expect a World Series birth, but they can definitely count on some whopping attendance numbers regardless.
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