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It was underdog day in sports last night.


In the NBA, only two teams are still undefeated.  The first:  The Los Angeles Lakers.  However, with Kobe Bryant running the show, and armed with an incredibly deep team behind him, this doesn’t exactly come as a surprise.  However, the other team is A HUGE SURPRISE.  It’s, drum roll please… the Atlanta Hawks. Silence.  Chirp.  Chirp.  Chirp.  Yep, that’s right, the notoriously bad Atlanta Hawks, a team used to having exciting draft nights because they keep finishing in the bottom 13 in the league — that Atlanta Hawks team is 6-0.  They simply look great.

What’s the reason for this?  Well, the Hawks are sort of like the NBA version of the Tampa Bay Rays in baseball.  A team that’s terrible season after season, but also accumulating good draft picks every year.  Eventually, those guys jell.  And that’s what is happening with the Hawks.  Last year’s #3 draft pick, Al Horford from Florida, is playing out of his mind.  He even had 27 points, 17 rebounds, and six blocked shots against the Bulls last night.  Secondly, their forward Marvin Williams (whom they picked ahead of both Chris Paul and Deron Williams — both of which played on Team USA in the Olympics) is starting to actually contribute.  Combine these guys with all-star veteran Joe Johnson and put them all under the guidance of Point-Guard Mike Bibby (whom they acquired late last season from Sacramento), and you’ve got a really nice nucleus.  It all makes sense actually.  We’ll see how long they can keep it up, but they look solid right now.


The Ball State Cardinals, a team which is usually brought in by big football programs to be destroyed in front of big crowds, is actually undefeated this season.  They improved to a perfect 10-0 last night, defeating the Miami (of Ohio) RedHawks.  It was a blowout, and Ball State has won every game this season by at least 12 points.  Of course, they are unfairly being shafted from any major bowl conversation, but it’s a great feeling for a usually horrid football program.  Ball State 31, Miami (Ohio) 16.


Finally, one last underdog story in baseball to seal off “Underdog Night in Sports”.  Tim Lincecum of the San Francisco Giants took home the National League Cy Young Award.  This is special because he was facing the best-of-the-best competition for the prize:  Arizona’s Brandon Webb (last year’s winner), Mets sensation Johan Santana, and Phillies star closer Brad Lidge.  Even though the Giants had a sub-par year, he was still dominant when he took the mound.  And boy did he have a fastball — averaging about 97mph.  Again, it’s great to see someone unknown and ignored step up and show they’re the best.  A feel good night in sports.

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