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First up, Alabama defended their #1 position against Mississippi State.  They got off to slow start, however, as they fell behind to the Bulldogs 7-5.  They rallied back in the first half, but only led 12-7 going into the half.  Not  a very convincing lead for a #1 team playing at home against an unranked team.  But, in the second half, it was all Alabama, and the Bulldogs defense could do nothing to stop them.  Next up for Alabama, in-state rival Auburn.  That should be an easy win, but… the surging Florida Gators await them in the SEC Championship game.  Alabama 32, Mississippi State 7.

Speaking of the Florida Gators, they look like a team possessed.  They took on #25 South Carolina (coached by former Florida coach Steve Spurrier), and it was anything but a contest.  Tim Tebow threw for 173 yards and twp Touchdowns, but it was the Gators running back, Percy Harvin who stole the show.  He ran for 167 yards and two touchdowns on just eight carries.  Fortunately, as mentioned above, the Gators will get a chance to actually prove their worth against Alabama, as opposed to simply being ousted from the BCS Championship based on calculations.  That will be a game you don’t wanna miss.  Florida 56, South Carolina 6.

In some frustrating college football news, the Michigan Wolverines lost again, and this marks their worst season in the school’s 129-year history.  This current roster is now notorious, as they will always be remembered for being the worst Michigan football team ever.    They fell to Northwestern in a forgettable contest, but come this off-season, this Michigan program needs to sit down and ask some serious questions.  Northwestern 21, Michigan 14.


The marquee match up in the NFL today, and one you might want to go to a sports bar to see, is the New York Giants v. the Baltimore Ravens.  Essentially, it’s one of the leagues most explosive offenses taking on one of the league’s strongest defenses.  However, Baltimore’s offense has looked sharp lately, led by their rookie QB, Joe Flacco.  It seems the Ravens might finally have a passing game, and that could give them an edge in this match up.


Finally, in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) former WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar prevailed over former champion Randy Couture.  This was the most watched match in UFC history, and Lesnar proved that he is to be taken seriously as an athlete, and not just an entertainer from the fake pro-wrestling world.  The popularity of this bout is good news for the future of this relatively new sport.

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