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It’s college football Saturday and there are two HUGE match-ups to salivate over.  Especially because of the quarterbacks involved.

First, it’s #8 Florida v. #6 Georgia in a game that has National Championship implications.  However, this isn’t just a game… this is a war to these two teams.  The SEC is like no other conference in college football.  Every single one of these teams has a rabid fan base, and thus, every week they play another rabid fan base.  The fury never ends.  This week, Florida travels to Georgia (not that far), and in an oddly unprecedented move a Georgia school district needs to close school on Friday because they can’t find enough teachers to work.  Last year apparently, they had 137 teaches call in sick the day before the big game, and could barely function as a school.  This year they just said, ‘Lets cancel school’.  Kinda neat for students — to have school canceled not for weather, but because everyone wants to have fun.

The game itself should be a heated showdown.  It’s a battle of former Heisman trophy winner, Tim Tebow, going up against this year’s Heisman candidate running back, Roshown McLeod.  Furthermore, Tim Tebow is just one touchdown away from setting the touchdown record at Florida — previously held by Emmit Smith.   Then again, Georgia Quarterback, Matthew Stafford, could steal Tebow’s thunder.  He’s playing great, and experts feel Stafford is a better pro-prospect than Tim Tebow.  So it’s a pair of competing QB egos hitting the field today as well.

Second, it’s #1 Texas v. #7 Texas Tech, and both teams have momentum going into the game.   Texas is playing incredible, but Texas Tech has been killing their opponents.  This game should be a shootout, as both quarterbacks, Texas’ Colt McCoy, and Texas Tech’s Graham Harrell, have been playing out of their mind.  Plus, these guys are probably the leading Heisman candidates right now, and this game will be reviewed come awards month.  Texas has been in this spot before, but for Texas Tech, this is their first 8-0 start since 1976.  And Texas has been taking on elite competition the last three weeks (Oklahoma, Missouri, Oklahoma).  Will Texas Tech finally be the straw that broke the camel’s back?


Finally, a little NFL news and follow-up story.  Going into the season, there was a lot controversy surrounding Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers.  Should they keep him or should they let him go and let their new guy, Aaron Rodgers, take the helm.  They opted to let him go to the Jets, and maintained confidence in Rodgers.  Well, 9 weeks into the season, Aaron Rodgers has proved he can take the reigns of this team, and the Packers have awarded him a contract extension until 2014.  So the answer to ‘Can Aaron Rodgers replace Brett Favre’ is… Yes.  Well, at least to Packers management.  The gen-pop of Wisconsin might feel otherwise.

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