NFL Kicks Off 100th Season, Brown Creating More Drama, Cowboys Most Valuable Team


The NFL kicks off its 100th season tonight featuring the Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears at Soldier Field.

Heading into the new season, Oakland Raiders’ receiver Antonio Brown, who missed practices due to a helmet issue and frostbite, continues to create drama. He posted on Instagram a screenshot of a letter he received from the team listing his fines for unexcused absences. He then commented, “WHEN YOUR OWN TEAM WANT TO HATE BUT THERE’S NO STOPPING ME NOW DEVIL IS A LIE. EVERYONE GOT TO PAY THIS YEAR SO WE CLEAR.”

The Dallas Cowboys are listed as the most valuable NFL team at $5.5 billion according to The New England Patriots come in at #2 with a value of $4.1 billion and the New York Giants at #3 with a value of $3.9 billion. The Indianapolis Colts are listed at #20 at $2.64 billion and were just offered $3.2 billion to sell the team. The offer was declined.


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