Cousins Technical Rescinded, Duke Drops, XFL Offer To Kaepernick


In a follow up to Tuesday’s story about DeMarcus Cousins getting a technical foul for throwing a shoe off the court, the San Jose Mercury reported the “NBA has rescinded DeMarcus Cousins’ technical from last night. Players generally aren’t allowed to toss a shoe off the floor, but DeMarcus did it to avoid an injury to himself and others.” Cousins will avoid paying a $3000 fine.

Without an injured Zion Williamson, Duke lost again and is now slipping in rankings in the college basketball AP poll. Gonzaga currently ranks #1, Virginia #2, and Duke at #3.


The XFL (Vince McMahon’s alternative football league) has reportedly had conversations with controversial former SF 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick about joining the league when it starts up again in 2020. It’s been reported Kaepernick was offered $20 million to play in the Alliance of American Football (seen as a competitor of the XFL) and turned it down. No word on what sum he was offered for the rebooted league or if he accepted. There was even a rumor (started by Kaepernick’s lawyer) that the New England Patriots and Oakland Raiders were interested in signing him.


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