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Machado Signs W/Padres, MLB New Rules, Duke/UNC $2500 Tkts


Manny Machado signed a monster 10-year deal to play for the San Diego Padres. His $300 million deal is the largest deal ever signed by a free agent in the history of American sports. The previous record was $275 million by Alex Rodriguez and the Yankees in 2008.

In other big news from Major League Baseball, the League has instituted new rules to prevent sign stealing. Among the high tech changes are a ban on in-house outfield cameras from foul pole to foul pole and television monitors in the clubhouse put on an 8 second delay.


The basketball rivalry between Duke and the University of North Carolina has always been intense, but this year the intensity is at a whole new level thanks to Duke’s superstar Zion Williamson. For tonight’s game, a fan can expect to pay $2500 for the cheapest available ticket. According to Vivid seats, one ticket went for $10,652.


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