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Harden Streak Continues, Actress Regina King Almost Gets Crushed By Embiid, Flacco Traded To Broncos


The Houston Rockets James Harden streak continues with his 31st consecutive game with over 30 points. In a loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves,  Harden scored 42 points. He is now tied with Wilt Chamberlain for the second-longest streak in NBA history. Timberwolves 121, Rockets 111.

Actress Regina King was sitting in the front row at Madison Square Garden in a Knicks/76ers game, when Sixers Joel Embiid leaped over her head trying to save a loose ball. Thankfully, no one was harmed but Sixers’ coach Brett Brown said he’d prefer Embiid didn’t put himself in a possible injury situation (especially with the team ahead by 15 points). He said, “Just like I think our owners and our fans back home were thinking, You respect his aggression and his passion, but you don’t want that. I say that out of love and care. It’s stuff you hope to avoid.” Embiid responded with, “I only know one way to play and that’s to play hard and compete.” Sixers 126, Knicks 111.


The Baltimore Ravens traded their longtime quarterback Joe Flacco (34 years old) to the Denver Broncos for a 4th round pick. With the move, the Ravens are putting the team in the hands of second-year QB Lamar Jackson. The move can’t be officially processed until after 4:00 pm EST on March 13th.


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