Brady Sets More Records, FBI’s Pay To Play Investigations Heat Up, Kyrie Tells Crowd He’ll Stay With Boston


Tom Brady rallied his team to a close victory over the Indianapolis Colts on Thursday night and managed to set some more records while doing so. In the fourth quarter of their 38-24 win, Brady threw a touchdown pass to Josh Gordon, setting an NFL record for throwing a touchdown to the greatest number of different targets (71). He also recorded 500 regular season career touchdown passes joining Brett Favre (who had 508 in his career) and Peyton Manning (who had 539).


The FBI has been working on an investigation into pay to play bribery schemes from Adidas officials and others to get recruits to sign with schools affiliated with the brand. Two Louisville coaches were implicated in this scandal during Thursday’s court proceedings when former recruit Brian Bowen’s father took the stand. Former  Adidas executives were charged with paying the Bowen family $100,000 for committing to play at Louisville. This story is just beginning and could have large ramifications throughout the college sports world. For a rundown of teams and people involved, click here.

Boston Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving told his fans he’ll re-sign with the Celtics when he becomes a free agent next summer. He posted on social media, “If you guys will have me back, I plan on re-signing here.”

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